Panasonic IP PBX System for Smart Business Communication


Panasonic IP PBX System is a smart telecommunication device to meet evolving business needs. It is a must-have for corporate companies, big institutions, and industries for the safest and reliable communication.

This system allows you to make free calls to other users by using the internet protocol system. It not only saves a lot of your money but also protects you from unnecessary spam calls. It also has some other amazing features which assist you in making easy and proficient voice calls. Some of these features are listed below:

  • Call Recording: With the help of this feature, you can have access to whatever you say at any time. So in case you somehow miss listening to what the client has said, the call recording helps you re-listening the calls. Further, if someone tries to outsmart your business by making a fraud call, you also have proof of whatever conversation has happened between you and the other person on call.
  • Call Transferring: It becomes easier and faster to transfer calls via Panasonic Intercom Phone. It also allows you to move phone calls to any of your numbers, no matter where you are. By this, you can keep multiple numbers and remain connected to all of them through a single device. You would be able to take up all the incoming calls that are meant to you.
  • Voicemails: Helps making your day-to-day business operations easier by converting your missed calls into voicemails. It ensures that none of your calls get missed due to your unavailability. By this, you won’t fail to attend to any of your customer’s queries and feedbacks. It is an essential feature for all small and big companies. If you wish not to lose any crucial information, you must get IP PBX System from Mascot Panasonic Phone Authorised Dealers.
  • Interactive: Voice Menu: It is one of the best features of PBX telephonic systems. With the help of this, you can provide your callers with a voice menu to assist and navigate them to the different departments of your company using their department-specific numbers keys. For example, balance inquiry, refund, product info, etc.
  • Call Queues: You will definitely require this feature as all the businesses receive calls in large volumes. Queues help in virtual lining up the phone calls and, for the time being, accommodate the customers with playback messages, music, and information. It keeps the caller engaged to ensure that they do not drop off the call.
  • Conferencing: It is an effective and pocket-friendly way of holding meetings. Video Conferencing has gained more recognition in recent times as the mode of conferencing has dramatically shifted from halls to calls.
  • Easy Installation: Since IP PBX uses an internet protocol system, it becomes quite easy to set it up. And all the wiring expenses get saved. It is one of the cost-effective telecommunication systems.
  • Softphone: With the help of voice-over-internet protocol, you can use your desktops, laptops, and smartphones to make calls using VOIP Services. It happens by integrating your devices with IP PBX.
  • Easy Configuration: It comes with an intuitive web-based configuration interface. That makes it simple to manage, configure and update the phone systems remotely.
  • Resiliency: One of the best features of IP PBX is that you can create a backup of it. So that in case any default occurs, then you can very easily switch on to another server. Doing so removes the hindrances coming in your business processes.

The points mentioned above justify the need for having an IP PBX System. It is a leading Business Phone System that is a must-have for every company, whether a small-scale business or an established one. So, without wasting your precious time, you should go and get it today from Mascot Panasonic Phone Authorised Dealers, New Delhi.