SL2100 Communication System for Business Enterprises


SL2100 Communication System is a smart telephone device that is made to cater the needs of small to medium-sized business enterprises.  It is an essential system for all modern businesses. As the new telecommunication technology is enriched with features like never before but along with that, it has been quite confusing too. The combination of digital integration and IP voice communications can be difficult to manage. So, SL2100 comes with an amazing solution to help out the businesses that want to upgrade to the National Broadband Network (NBN) in a single easily usable platform. 

Features of NEC SL2100

  • InMail: It provides a well-organized way of monitoring the mailbox from any place with the help of message notifications. This can be sent on your mobile phone and desktop phone which you can access at the comfort of your home or at the office. It gets done via audio attachments. There are several personalized recorded greetings through which you can update others about your availability in a day.
  • Call Recording: An amazing feature of NEC SL2100 is that it provides access to call recording with the help of which you can save important discussions. Those recordings can be used later on as a reference or as proof of what you said. 
  • Smartphone SIP Application: Works as a Standard SIP Station for iPhone and Android Smartphones. It allows you to do the following things from your smartphone: 
  1. Putting the calls on hold and Transferring them to the other stations within your office telecommunication system. 
  2. Use the office telephone system to make calls, it doesn’t show your personal mobile number instead the office caller ID you have is displayed. 
  3. Answer the incoming calls to your office telephone.
  4. Instead of using cellular Talktime, you can make use of the Wifi hotspot of your office, home, or even the public hotspots.
  5. Have access to your office voicemail.
  • Automatic Call Distribution: Also known as ACD, helps in making smart communications as it effectively routes callers on the basis of pre-established criteria. It provides assistance to the customers during the time they are on hold due to the unavailability of agents at that moment. Until the agent becomes available, they can listen to announcement messages. It helps in keeping the callers busy during the hold duration. 
  • Contact Center Software: It allows the monitoring of real-time activities of the system’s ACD by up to 2 supervisors from their laptops. They can also operate ACD or Contact Center activity reports like abandoned calls, agent call summaries, etc.

An Advanced Platform for all Small and Large Business Enterprises

NEC SL2100 PABX System is the most up-to-date and advanced platform for all Small and Large Scale Businesses.  It is a perfect option for almost all industries including hospitality, food, entertainment, retail, and health care sectors. It allows businesses to use VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) systems for easy voice communications using online data networks. This system is designed to support employees of all sectors and verticals by providing mobile access integrated to support in the office and at home. 

Despite being so advanced it is very cost-effective and conventional, making it affordable for small and medium-sized companies. It is so because most of the functionalities have been built into it and require just a bit of external hardware. However, large companies are likely to need more external hardware devices. But its low-cost ownership, a large section of features, and the least licensing requirements make it an amazing product for each and every business enterprise. 

  • If you wish to optimize your business or companies communication channel. Then you must get SL2100 Handsets for smooth organizational operations. Go get it today!