MASCOT EPABX System for Homes, Small Offices, Big Corporate 
Analog Caller ID EPABX System

Built-in Features

  • Extn. to Extn. Call, Call Transfer, Call pick up 
  • Call hold, Auto call back extn. as well as P & T                            
  • Conference-5 party Extn., Direct outward dialing 
  • Personal memory bank, Barge in with/without tone 
  • Extension Privacy, Cal camp on, Call Parking 
  • Do not disturb, Hot line, Wake up alarm 
  • Optional reservation of incoming and outgoing calls 
  • Trunk groups, Hot outward dialing, Trunk queuing 
  • Last number redial, Programming retention, Tone/Pulse compatible 
  • Music on hold with extra jack input, Remote programming, Dynamic locking 
  • 94 / 95 / 98 locking facility, Low battery cut off 
  • Auto day night mode RTC based, Wall mountable, Master copy of data in NV Ram 
  • Extension status display, Intercom CLI if CLI instrument is connected on extension 
  • Forced to released - P & T / Extn., Call disconnector 
  • CLI Facility on Transfer of CLI 
  • Auto Call Transfer CLI Based 

Additional Features of CLI Series (Advanced) 

  • Voice guided DID(separate message) Printer port parallel type 
  • Serial Port RS 232 
  • Door Phone Interface 
  • Fax tone detection on DID DOSA unrestricted as well as restricted Door lock-switching relay Auto redial 99 times Remote 
  • Display (optional) 
  • Incoming & Missed Call Printout 
  • CLI Facility on Transfer of CLI 
  • Auto Call Transfer CLI Based 


  • 308  (3   P&T LINES AND   8 EXTENSIONS)
  • 616  (6   P&T LINES AND 16 EXTENSIONS)
  • 824  (8   P&T LINES AND 24 EXTENSIONS)
  • 832  (8   P&T LINES AND 32 EXTENSIONS)
  • 1232 (12 P&T LINES AND 32 EXTENSIONS)
  • 1264 (12 P&T LINES AND 64 EXTENSIONS)
Technical Specification
Technology                          Microcontroller based stored program
                                       control technique CMOS cross point switching
Longitudinal Balance         60db
Extension Loop resistance 600 ohms
Insertion Loss
    A)                                     Less than 2 db at 1 Khz
    B)                                     Less than 1 db at 1 Khz
Dial Speed 10 + 0.5 PPS
Cross talk attenuation Not less than – 70db
 Break ratio 33:66
 Input power 230V AC+10% 50Hz
 Cabling Single Pair